What summer days are made of

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A summer photo series: Each week during our summer vacation I will be posting a photo summary. I will include photos that capture the mood of our days and how we're spending them. 

I am a little late posting the photos from last week- it has been a little crazy around here as you'll see!

This week we...

…adopted two little fish that we named Goldy and Red (ok, actually this happened on June 3rd, but I wanted to make sure they made the blog!):

betta fish

…did a little neighborhood hiking down by the creek in a spot my kids call "under the bridge" because it is, appropriately enough, under a bridge:

IMG 9065

hiking kid hat

kids creek hats

IMG 9207

…created nature journals and did some drawing (I'll write more on this in another post):

IMG 9151

red orange dragonfly

…went to a park to watch a movie...

movie in the park rocklin

...and, instead, adopted the sweetest little rescue dog in the world, Miley! She's a 7 month old Brittany Spaniel and Border Collie mix:

brittany spaniel border collie

family photo

See what I mean? Eventful week!

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