Monday, June 10, 2013

My creative side is very opposed to following routines. I have learned that my inspiration to be creative or to write or even to be happy doesn't come from quiet. It comes when my mind is un-numb. While routines are very helpful for managing the tasks of life, they are numbing to the brain.

I chose "joy" as my word for 2013. I have a tendency to overwhelm myself with hard-to-achieve goals and projects. I would prefer to do things that bring me joy instead of just giving me a feeling of accomplishment when they are checked off of a list after a ton of hard work.

This summer I decided to try some new things just because they sounded really fun. I ran my first trail race (the 5.8 mile short course of The Dirty Secret Trail Run) in May. The race was hard and the weather was HOT. It wasn't what I expected in that way, but it was so great to be out on a trail, in nature, instead of on a city street.

On Saturday night I ran another trail race. This time it was 10k (6.2 miles) in the DARK! In spite of the difficulty of the run (there was a very steep 1 1/2 mile hill just after mile 3) and the fact that I took a huge fall (olympic potential gymnastics here, people) I absolutely loved it. I loved watching the sky change as the sun set when we started.

Twilight sunset

I loved the firefly-like line of glow sticks and headlamps on the trail in front of and behind me. I loved the "take-your-time-to-take-it-all-in" vibe of the race. I loved that those ahead would warn those behind of rocks and other obstacles. I loved the minute or so that I stopped on a hill and turned off my headlamp to admire quiet night in the darkness. It was new. It was nature-y. It was awesome. Joy. Mission accomplished.

Ready to run; I'm on the right:

Twilight trail run

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