About Allison and Get Natured

My name is Allison. I am a boy mom (which is a very special thing!), a writer, and a nature lover living in Northern California.

I left the corporate world to be a full-time mom and started Get Natured to record our family adventures and inspire others to live nurtured lives full of health and happiness.

To me, "living a nurtured life" means fueling our bodies with whole foods, exercising to build strength and vitality, nurturing our creativity, spending time in nature, and finding community in the world around us.

Happiness is simple when you're a kid. I used to tell my parents, "I want to get natured!" whenever I saw water of any kind (a pool, a creek, a running hose...) While my grown-up modesty now outweighs my childhood impulsivity, I still believe that happiness is found in little moments and simple pleasures.

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