Aloha, acai, and hanging loose

Friday, April 23, 2010

Aloha! I hope that you're having a healthy, happy week! I just got home after spending a week in Hawaii and, since I'm still on Hawaiian time, I thought I'd post a quick hello.

I adore Hawaii- the water, the weather, the beaches, the tropical fruit, and "hanging loose". Despite the abundance of wonderful fruits, though, Waikiki is not the most vegetarian/vegan-friendly place that I've ever visited. It sometimes takes a bit of creativity (and accommodating restaurant employees) to build a vegetarian meal. Amazingly, though, our hotel was right across the street from a great little place called Ruffage Natural Foods. About 90% of their menu is vegetarian (much of it vegan) and I was very happy to be so close.

Also, I discovered the complete and total yumminess that is the acai bowl while I was in Hawaii! I am so looking forward to recreating that at home and I will share the recipe for my version soon!

Vacation always reminds me to slow down and have more fun. I usually come home with renewed focus on being gentle with myself and enjoying my family and friends in an unhurried way. It is almost the weekend; I hope you will take some time to nurture yourself, enjoy your connections, and just hang loose!

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