Three new discoveries

Monday, April 12, 2010

I have discovered and fallen in love with a few new products this month and want to share them with you!

Massa Organics brown rice
This organic rice is fantastic (nutty, chewy, and delicious) and so is the family farm that grows it! Check out the strawbale house on the Massa Organics website.

Ozery Bakery breakfast pitas
These pitas are pillowy breakfast goodness! Each one contains 5g protein, 3g fiber, 10% of the RDA for iron, and only 170 calories. Try them warm with a smear of non-dairy cream cheese and some strawberry jam or with cashew (or other nut or seed) butter. So, so good!

Stonyfield Organic O'Soy yogurt
I usually buy another brand of soy yogurt but decided to give this one a try because it is available in a six-pack of 4oz cups that are perfect for my kids. This is the creamiest and most non-soy tasting yogurt I've ever had. It is fantastic! One 4oz cup has 100 calories, 10% of the RDA for calcium, and 5 grams of protein. (Please note that this soy yogurt is NOT vegan as the live and active cultures are derived from milk.)

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