The Winter Project: Week 11

Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter has finally arrived in Northern California! We had planned to head up to the mountains for snow tubing and winter fun over the weekend but canceled our plans at the last minute. A rainstorm settled in late in the week and didn’t quit until today. The mountain passes were windy and the snow and ice made them risky to traverse. While we were sad to not get up to the snow, we also knew we were safer holed up at home by the fireplace.

the winter project

Welcome to week 11 of The Winter Project!
(What is The Winter Project?)

Winter play: remember when...

Do you remember the feeling of doing a cartwheel or handstand? How those things seemed so simple and effortless and how you couldn't even imagine a time when you wouldn't be able to do them? I spent hours on our backyard lawn as a kid doing round-offs and cartwheels and imagining our square patch of grass was the tumbling floor at the Olympics. I roller skated in our driveway, doing “fancy" turns when I got to the garage, and rode my bike until it was too dark to see anymore. It felt like if I kept doing these things, I would never lose them and they would be part of me forever.

Challenge for week 11: Think about how you used to spend your time as a child or teenager. What did you spend your free time doing? Think about how you can recapture that feeling of flow in your life today. Schedule some time this week to give it a try!

bike kid

As we move through this project, I would love to hear about your survival skills, struggles, and success in the comments or by email (you can reach me at!

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