What summer days are made of

by - Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A summer photo series: Each week during our summer vacation I will be posting a photo summary. I will include photos that capture the mood of our days and how we're spending them. 

One of my last posts was about being busy. Then I skipped a couple of photo series posts because I got wrapped up in other things. I would say that I was too "busy" to get to them but that isn't entirely true. Truthfully, I was doing many other things but also choosing to take little breaks in my day to breath instead of trying to fill every moment of time with productivity. I am not good at that but I'm getting better! We have been spending a lot of time running errands, cleaning house, and keeping up with the various tasks of life. There are only a few weeks left of summer vacation and I'm trying my hardest to make sure that we have plenty of fun built into our days. 

The past couple of weeks we...

…went to the California State Fair:

State fair

Ferris wheel



…enjoyed some sunset walks. Sometimes in pajamas:





…went to the "big movies" to see Despicable Me 2 (super cute):

Big movies

…baked Despicable Me cupcakes for a friend's birthday party:


…went to swimming lessons with our favorite swim teachers:


…had a great date night at a concert!

John mayer


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  1. I've had to give up posting on my blog as regularly as I'd like. (sigh) Same as you, making choices to breathe.


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