My new ritual for greeting the day

by - Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hello! I have officially survived the first full week of summer vacation and I feel like things are going well. I am even discovering new things about my kids- like that they both love bowling! Who knew?!

photo-8.JPG photo-9.JPG

One concern that I had this season was about how I was going to manage finding enough time alone to get my workouts in. After considering my options- either take the kids to the gym with me or get up really early, I decided that I would start getting up early to exercise before my husband leaves for work in the morning. It isn't always easy to get out of bed but, I must say, that I am LOVING this time that I have carved out for myself. Not only do I get the exercise that I need physically, but I also get a little head-clearning "me time".

For the past 22+ years I have done the majority of my exercising in a gym. I am finding lately that I MUCH prefer being outside and away from crowds and annoying grunters and machine-sweat-coverers. Getting my nature fix first thing in the morning is almost meditative for me too. I have loved greeting my days this way!

Some early morning scenes: 

A mama turkey and two babies on the bike trail:


Sunlight and oak trees around 6:30am:


Me as a "biker chick":


There is also something about a morning workout that makes coffee taste even better- cheers!


Do you have an early morning ritual for greeting the day?

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  1. I started getting up early to work out as well. I thought I would hate it, but love the quiet me time. I have much more energy for the day and the kids. I also tend to eat better knowing I started out healthy for the day.

  2. Groggy eyed open the back door for the dogs to go out, drink one cup of coffee, shower, rest of pot of coffee drank. :) During the week I'm up early working for a Sacramento Dentist but on the weekends I love to take the dogs on the trail in Roseville where they can run wild in the river.


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