It's spring- go outside and play!

Friday, March 23, 2012

February was a bit of a rough month at our house. My kids were both sick with a cold and a cough and then I came down with bronchitis, a sinus infection, and an ear infection. I didn't even know that grown-ups could get ear infections! Just when I thought we were all getting back to normal, our family started falling on-by-one to the stomach flu. Somehow I escaped that part. It could have been all of the disinfecting that I was doing or maybe just luck. Either way I think we are all back to normal now, PHEW!

Even though March has been quite rainy here, I feel like I'm coming out of hibernation! The sunny days, when we have them, are warm. The birds are all over the place and tweeting like crazy, even on the cloudy days. The other day, after an all-day rain had stopped, I went out in our front yard. The sky was still cloudy but the air felt electric and warm. The grass, plants, and trees were glowing a bright spectrum of green and spring flowers, bright pinks and purples, were all around. Birds were flying and chirping all over the place and it felt heavenly. So middle-of-nowhere. Encompassing. I felt ensconced in my connection to it all and blessed that this was all happening right outside our front door.

Lately when I daydream, which happens a lot, I am thinking about summer vacation and homemade berry jam. Spring is definitely here!

Have you seen the Keen campaign, "Recess is back"?

I love this concept as I am a firm believer that we all benefit from play time. Vacations provide an excellent opportunity to fortify our lives with connection and new experiences. How, though, do we implement "recess" in the context of our daily grind? Daily life is where we pass our time. So how do we bring more fun and playfulness into our ready-set-go schedules? I am passionate about this subject. I even have a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation and Leisure studies!

Since both of my kids will be out of school and home for the summer, I am planning ahead to make sure that we keep ourselves busy. Not so busy that we can't daydream and sip lemonade; but busy enough that we end our days with the tired smiles that come from all-day exploring, sprinkler dodging, tent pitching, and other summer goodness. I'll share more of my plans and our adventures here in the coming months.

For now, I challenge you to find a little "recess" time in your schedule! What is your favorite way to play outside?

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