Word for 2012: Explore

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In the crazy sneaky way that it does, the new year has arrived. The holiday rush is over and we are getting reorganized and settling back into a routine that requires alarm clocks and rushed breakfasts. I am optimistic about 2012, though. I can't resist the feeling of a fresh start and the temptation to plan. I used to wonder if there was a point to all of my planning but now I know that I get a lot more out of it than it would seem. All of the dreaming and scheming puts me into a helpful frame of mind. A place from which to launch expeditions fueled by the momentum of a new beginning.

Lately I have been pondering the direction of this blog. It started as a venture in healthy living. It has evolved much more in the direction of a food blog than I originally imagined. I love food, obviously, and I love sharing my ideas and recipes too. I don't really see myself as someone who writes cookbooks, though. I am more interested in exercising my creative (and writing) muscles in other ways.

I do have some thoughts on subject matter that I would like to share over the course of this year. The introduction of new topics, expanding on subjects that I've touched on already, and inspired food ideas. Mostly I want to EXPLORE, here and in my life. To have as many new experiences and adventures as possible. To learn continually, especially about things for which my interest takes me by surprise. I want to continue my pursuit of building a life of too-good-to-be-trues. I want to do what I love often. I want to follow my heart into new and exciting things and to live a good story. I want to share beauty, creativity, adventure, inspiration, and connection.

I was crazy-inspired to "live a better story" after reading Donald Miller's A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. This is a fantastic read!

These two books (The Rhythm of Family and The Creative Family both by Amanda Blake Soule) are on my nightstand now and I'm loving them both. The idea of home being a place of creativity is so great and I love the ideas that I'm finding here.

Like this "sun catcher" that the boys and I made out of ice using "interesting things" that we gathered on a neighborhood walk. Love.

IMG_8203.jpg IMG_8205.jpg IMG_8206.jpg

What is your word for 2012?

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