Holiday thriving and a giveaway coming soon!

Friday, December 16, 2011

So here's the thing about December- sometimes it makes us a little squishy (and I don't mean from eating too many cookies, although that is certainly a possibility too). It is cold outside and it gets dark before dinner. Our friends are sharing their holiday joy on Facebook and all the images painted in our minds by Christmas songs and movies can make us feel like we're doing it all wrong. We have such high standards for ourselves. Why else would it be an option to pay someone to hang our Christmas lights?

What matters, though, is not how well we meet an imaginary holiday formula put forth by all of the hubbub. What matters is that we do things our own way; things that make our lives feel rich and help us and ours to connect with what is important to us. That has everything to do with the traditions that are connected to our heartstrings and nothing to do with anything at the mall.

As the holidays arrive next week, flourish. Pause to ponder simple things in great detail. Take your time. Navigate the pace and direction of things by following joy instead of an agenda. Sink in to honoring what you need from moment to moment. Explore. Make messes.

GIVEAWAY coming soon!

Right now you're likely focussed on all things carbohydratey- holiday treats, mashed potatoes, mulled cider...

If you're anything like me, though, you'll be craving something different soon after the holidays. It seems like I always start to crave spicy foods right after Thanksgiving. Szechuan veggies, curries, salsa. It all sounds so good when it is cold outside!

To help you along with your post-holiday stir fries, noodle dishes, etc., I'll be giving away a coupon for a free Nasoya item and a Nasoya t-shirt next week! Details on how to enter are coming soon. In the meantime, get some recipe inspiration and cooking tips from the people at Nasoya on their Tofu U website.*

*Legal disclaimer: I a not being paid to promote these products.

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