Spring (summer) cleaning

Friday, July 08, 2011

I'm a little bit late, but I think the "spring cleaning" bug might finally be kicking in for me. We have plans to go through our stuff (mainly toys- our little people are taking over the house!); but other things too. We have too much stuff and I feel suffocated by it. It is time to purge.

In the spirit of using up and shrinking down, our meals this week have been (will be) based on items that I have on hand. I have accumulated a collection of jars of good things in my pantry- grains, beans, etc. It is time to eat them!

This week we ate (are planning to eat):
Today is my birthday so instead of the usual grocery shop, laundry, dishes, etc. of a Friday morning, I treated myself to a long, hot yoga class. I sweated like crazy and I felt great when the hour and 15 minutes were up. I felt like I had really cleansed my body and soul. Bliss.

My thoughts on yoga from a post I wrote in 2008:
My yoga mat is more thorough than a doctor visit for a check up. I can so clearly gauge my heath and happiness from that vantage. When my balance is good in tree pose, it is a sign that life isn't overwhelming me at the moment. When I can breath freely while holding strong in a triangle, my anxiety is low. When my crocodile is smooth and slow, I feel strong and confident off the mat. When forward folds feel really good, I am happy and content. When I can hold and enjoy pigeon and crow, I am on top of the world.

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