The things that summer brings

Sunday, June 12, 2011

“We like the things that summer brings. It brings the sun. It brings the heat. It brings the things we like to eat.”
~Alice Low (from Summer)

It is finally beginning to feel like summer here and we've been busy doing summery things. Like visiting the farmers' market. <image removed>

Cooking farmers' market fava beans on the grill- YUM! (Thank you 101 Cookbooks for this recipe!). <image removed>
Drinking freshly made fruit and veggie juices to hydrate our bodies with "liquid sunshine" (thanks Kris Carr for this term!) first thing in the morning.

Planting a garden of too many things (as usual!) in my little garden box and in pots around the yard.
<image removed>

Even my little orange tree that finally gave us oranges this year is piping up!
<image removed>

As usual, too, I am making lists and planning to relax more this summer. I am looking forward to camping and hiking, swimming and picnics, eating outside and fiction on my Kindle.

What is your favorite thing about summer?

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