Ecover products- thank you Naturally Savvy!

by - Monday, March 07, 2011

A while back, I won an online giveaway hosted by Naturally Savvy. I received four products from Ecover and I was super excited because I love Ecover! Their dishwasher tablets (available at Costco) are the only natural product that I've found that works well on our dishes and their laundry detergent smells nice and cleans well too.

Naturally Savvy sent me Ecover all purpose cleaner, dishwasher tablets, delicate laundry wash, stain remover, and a reusable bag:


Thank you Naturally Savvy!

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  1. I can even buy Ecover here in Hong Kong. I use the multipurpose cleaner all the time. Because you dilute it yourself that big bottle lasts forever!


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