A little extra TLC

Monday, February 28, 2011

Today started out a little rough. My two-year-old was having trouble sleeping starting at about 5am. Between trips to his room and a meowing cat around the same time, I didn't get much sleep after that early hour.

Today was a normal Monday. I was planning to go to the gym after taking my older son to preschool. I had a little bit of a sinus headache but felt pretty good anyway. After I had a green smoothie and gave the kids breakfast, I decided I needed a break today. I've been feeling burned out and I needed a little TLC. Today quickly turned into an exfoliate-and-deep-condition kind of day. I even took a 20 minute nap (I'm usually a militant non-napper) and woke up feeling a thousand times better.

Do you ever have mini spa days at home? What are your favorite things to do to nurture yourself when you need a little extra TLC?

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