Project Food Blog contest entry!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I am entering the Foodbuzz Project Food Blog contest and I am writing this post to share my philosophy on food and blogging. As I say on my About page, I started to inspire others to live nurtured lives. To me, that is about more than just diet and exercise. It is about fueling our bodies with whole foods, exercising to build strength and vitality, nurturing our creativity, and finding community in the world around us. That is what GetNatured is about.

My approach to eating is balanced. I believe that eating a whole foods plant-based diet is the healthiest way to fuel our bodies. I also believe in chocolate. One of my mantras for daily living is, “something is always better than nothing.” GetNatured isn't about perfection. It is about the simple pursuit of health and happiness. Sometimes that means watching the sunrise on a morning run. Sometimes it means forgoing my “to do” list in favor of sharing freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with my favorite person. Health and happiness are both physical and mental. I believe in feeding both.

I love new flavors and combinations of foods and my desire for those continually inspires and challenges me to learn new things. I have gained countless new ideas and have been so immensely inspired by reading blogs. Though the world of food blogging is huge, there is a feeling of solidarity that runs through this virtual community. My family may not understand my excitement over finding "00" flour for pizza crust, but I know that my fellow bloggers do!

My family and I are vegetarians and, while I truly believe with all that I am that is the healthiest way to eat, I do not want my readers to ever feel like they're getting the cold shoulder for enjoying animal-based foods. I know that everyone has their own favorite foods and traditions and that is their personal journey. I share recipes and my food successes because I believe passionately that healthy food can be simple and delicious- even to kids! My hope is that others will be inspired to integrate more whole foods into lives as well.

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