A good excuse to eat (healthy) cookies!

by - Monday, July 12, 2010

I completed my third (second this year) sprint distance triathlon (.5 mile swim/16 mile bike/5k run) on Saturday morning. I didn't break any records, but I finished and didn't pass out or throw up. Considering the unrelenting sun and hilly trail during the run portion of the race, I consider all of those to be accomplishments!

I did a pretty good job of "carb loading"- I had pasta the night before and a whole grain english muffin and some dates a couple of hours before the race. As usual I also drank coconut water and green tea with my breakfast and while driving to the event. The caffeine in the tea helps to wake up my brain and body and the coconut water contains natural electrolytes (more potassium than a banana!) and sugar.

My swim felt pretty strong and I exited the water after about 20 minutes and headed to transition to cycling. My plan was to drink sports drink mixed with water on the first half of the bike (I avoid drinking in the second half so I won't have a "sloshy" tummy when I'm running later). But, I got really caught up in maintaining my pace and didn't drink like I should have. By the time I got to the run, I was thirsty and needed a little bit of fuel. Instead of sports drink, I grabbed plain water and a chocolate Clif Shot and headed out. I paced relatively well during the first half of the run but ran out of gas in the second half. I sipped water and tried to get the Clif Shot down but the chocolate flavor was just too ick at the time.

All things considered, I did alright. I finished only two minutes slower than my best time for the race. Afterwards, though, I was so tired! I took a small nap that afternoon and, even though napping is extremely rare for me, I took a nap the following afternoon as well. I have been in full recovery mode, eating whole grains and fruits and veggies, hydrating like crazy, and resting. I made a batch of Super-Charge Me! cookies from Dreena Burton's Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan cookbook and they are DELICIOUS! My kids like them too. I think I'm going to be "recovering" for as long as possible so I can keep eating these!

I highly recommend Dreena's cookbooks:


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  1. Good job on the triathalon!
    Did you make the cookies as written or did you change anything. I'm wondering how it would be with whole wheat flour or even regular AP flour...

  2. Thanks Erika! I used AP flour because I was out of wheat and spelt flour. I think just about any would work (you may need to adjust the wet ingredients if you use whole wheat). I also used PB instead of almond butter.

  3. Well done, Allison - the food thing is really hard to figure out how to make time for when you are focused! And thanks for the cookie recipe.

  4. Great job on the triathalon!


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