Ice cream season

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It is starting to smell a little like summer is on its way in my city. If you've ever lived somewhere with long, snowy winters you know what I mean. Every season has a scent of its own and people from cold places tend to have a finely honed ability to detect summer in the air. I don't live in a place that gets snow now but I did from ages 8 to 20. Despite the fact that summer brings some pretty intense heat to my neck of the woods, I still get a little giddy when I can wear short sleeves and flip flops.

The imminent arrival of summer already has me thinking about hammocks and homemade ice cream. My toenails are painted a shimmery red and my tea is on ice. So how does a "health nut" make ice cream? Before I tell you, take a look at my first batch of the year. Can you guess what the main ingredient is?

Hint: this ice cream does not contain milk (dairy or non-dairy) or soy.

I will share the answer to this question as well as a recipe tomorrow!

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