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by - Thursday, March 25, 2010

I have had allergies forever. Around 2000, I had a skin test for environmental allergens and, out of 60 items, I reacted to 57 of them. Chronic irritation from years of allergies along with a deviated septum (that was made worse by a broken nose that I suffered in a car accident in 2008), means that I have a stuffy nose (at least on one side) much of the time. After a few years of allergy shots and ten years of living in the same area, my allergies have actually improved quite a bit. This time of year still gets to me, though.

I don't like to take allergy or sinus medication. The side effects, including everything from a "duh" feeling to the munchies, are just not worth it to me and the medications never really seem to help anyway. I have found that sinus irrigation is quite helpful, though. When I've been outside a lot and allergies are really bugging me, I use a sinus rinse bottle. It also works well to help keep things clear and prevent sinus infections when I have a head cold. This thing is fantastic!

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This NeilMed kit includes the sinus rinse bottle (they also sell a neti pot version) and a bunch of sinus rinse saline packets. There are no drugs in the rinse packets- it is basically salt and baking soda. You can buy the NeilMed kit just about everywhere (drugstores, grocery stores, Target, Costco,, etc.).

I highly recommend using something like this first thing in the morning and about 30 minutes before bed when you are having allergy or other sinus issues. I also find it helpful when I have been outside for awhile and am feeling allergic to flush out the pollen, etc.

(I am not being paid to promote this product.)

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  2. I also have found benefit from nasal irrigation. I use a homemade saline (warm water, a dash of salt and baking soda), and a baby nose dropper/cleaner thing.

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