Spreading optimism: What Would Jodi Do?

I graduated from college in 1996. As my fellow graduates and I moved on and out into the world and our new lives, I think that we all wondered at least a little bit about how it would go for our peers. Where would they find work? Where would they settle? 

What doesn't cross your mind in your invincible 20s is the possibility that your life may be impacted by things so much bigger than job interviews and new beginnings. What if, after you find your place in the world and build the life that you have always dreamed of, things are derailed by cancer?


One of my fellow graduates is showing the world her answer to that question. Jodi is fighting an inoperable cancer. What is so amazing about her story is that, in the process of this, she is also working hard to spread optimism and kindness. She and her family put together a "fun list" of things that they want to experience together. The list included serving free ice cream to people in her community on her birthday, shaking hands with (and getting a hug from) President Obama, and being a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Because of the amazing people in Jodi's life, she has accomplished all three of these things!

You can see Jodi handing out ice cream and hugging President Obama (she is in the purple hat) in this video clip:

Jodi and her family on the Ellen show:

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Ellen gave Jodi and her family a check for $30,000 from the folks at Sara Lee to help put her children through college. Amazing kindness!

If you feel it in your heart to help, there are two things that you can do for Jodi and her family:
  1. Please visit What Would Jodi Do to see her collection of optimism-spreading t-shirts and sweatshirts. 
  2. Share Jodi's story and website on your blog, Facebook page, twitter, e-mail, anywhere that you can.
Thank you for your support!



Steph said...

All best wishes for Jodi and her family!

Rani said...

wonderful article and so awesome that you shared this! It's so cool seeing all that she does isn't it!!!