Farmers' markets

As summer approaches, many local farmers' markets are just getting started for the season. I love farmer's markets for so many reasons, including the fact that you can find unique varieties of fruits and veggies and buy them directly from the farmer that grew them!

Tuesday I stopped by our year-round Tuesday market to pick up a few things. Even though I wasn't planning on buying strawberries, I just couldn't resist these- they're HUGE!

IMG_3354.JPG IMG_3356.JPG IMG_3358.JPG

Check out Local Harvest to find a farmers' market near your home. If you live near me (Placer County, Ca) the Placer Grown website is a great resource for finding local fruits, veggies, nuts, flowers, meats, eggs, and more.


Anonymous said...

I live by you (Placer County) and was wondering where your favorite places were to buy local produce.

Get Natured said...

Hi Jessica! The local farmers' markets (I'm usually in Roseville) are decent (not like Davis, but still good). They are small but have some good stuff. In the off-season, Newcastle Produce in Newcastle and Blue Goose in Loomis are great too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ideas! I love Blue Goose and have been going there for a few months now. I will have to try Newcastle Produce though. Thanks! :) -Jessica