Two tips for avoiding unwanted snacking

by - Sunday, February 21, 2010

I don't usually have a problem with excess snacking but I do love "testing" the batter when I'm baking. Here are a couple of tips to help discourage your inner snack monster when necessary:

1. Chew gum while you're baking something tempting. I have a bit of a love affair with cookies and, because I bake vegan cookies, the batter is free for the bowl-licking (no raw eggs involved). This is a great tip to help resist the deliciousness that is cookie dough (or freshly baked cookies, for that matter)!

2. Brush your teeth when you finish a meal. This isn't just a good idea for good dental hygiene! Ever drink orange juice right after you brush your teeth in the morning? Yuck, right? You will be less tempted to snack when you have freshly brushed teeth.  

Speaking of dessert, I have a new extremely simple but healthy recipe that I'm going to test out today. I'll post about that soon!

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